Top 10 Landmark Cases that changed the IPR

Intellectual Property Rights

Top 10 Landmark IPR Cases that set precedents in Intellectual Property Rights

The world of intellectual property law is always evolving, with new cases constantly setting precedents that can have a major impact on how IP rights are protected. Here are three landmark IPR cases that everyone should know about:

1. Apple Inc. Vs Emonster KK, Samsung Electronics Co. & Nokia Corporation The First Of The Above Relates To Apple Inc. Vs Emonster KK,

A Trademark Case Surrounding The Use Of An ‘Animojis’, The Animated Emojis Which Feature On The iPhone X. Japan-based Amimoji is an application that enables the use of animated emojis. Apple’s Animoji feature uses facial recognition to create animated emojis with the user’s face. The Second Case Is Huge: Apple Inc. Vs Samsung Electronics Co. Currently, On Remand From The Supreme Court, This Covers An Apple Design Patent That Samsung Allegedly Stole.

It’s Actually Not A Trademark Tassel, But Patents Are Also An Important Part Of A Company’s IP Assets. Lastly, We Have Apple Inc. Vs Nokia Corporation. Another Patent Case That Came About Surrounding Apple’s Use Of Nokia’s Technology In Their Smartphones, Tablets, And Other Communicational Products. Apple decided it would no longer pay for Nokia’s technology patents, saying many are already in its products. It Accused Finland-based Nokia Of Extortion On The Use Of Its Patents.

2. TC Heartland LLC V. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC 

Kraft Foods filed a lawsuit against TC Heartland in the District of Delaware, alleging infringement of three of its patents. TC Heartland Does Business In Indiana, US; And Has No Relevance In Terms Of Business Or Other To Delaware. However, The Products That Allegedly Infringed Patents Were Shipped Into Delaware.

3. Lexmark International Inc. V. Impression Products Inc. 

In This Case Between Lexmark International, A Chinese-owned Laser Printer And Imaging Product Manufacturer, And Impression Products, A Family-Owned West Virginia Printer And Cartridge Company, Rules Surrounding The First Sale Doctrine Changed.

4. Donald Trump VS China 

Since becoming president, Donald Trump has faced threefold fame and Chinese companies trying to rip him off. From the Trump condom to the Trump toilet, apps with Trump’s brand, purses, and bags, and even Trump’s own international hotel, the president has faced many IP battles with Chinese counterparts this year.

5. Google LLC Vs Chris Gillespie 

In 5th Place Is Google’s Trademark Case Against Chris Gillespie, Who Has Been Trying To Challenge The Internet Giant’s Trademark To The Word ‘Google’ Because It Is Now A Common Term.

6. Super Union Holdings Ltd. Vs Amazon.Com Inc. 

A Company Called Super Union Holdings Ltd., A Hong Kong-based Company That Pretty Much Sits On IP Assets Owns The Trademark Rights To The Word ‘Black Friday’ In Germany. Of Course, This Is A Huge Buzzword For Sales Come November Time.

7. Adidas AG Vs ELEAGUE/Turner 

Adidas is betting big on their signature “Three Stripes” logo. For its primary logo, which also features the Three Stripes, Turner applied for a trademark from Adidas, but the company opposed the move. Turner is the owner of the renowned ELEAGUE, an official worldwide sports league.

8. AM General LLC Vs Activision Blizzard Inc.  

General Motors, Which Are The Largest Longstanding Car Manufacturer In The World, Filed A Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard Inc., The Designing Company Who Makes The Year After Year Gaming Hit Game Called Call Of Duty. The Dispute Is For The Military Jeep Used In The Game Which Has Its Structure Taken From General Motors’s Jeep Design.

9. Eminem Vs New Zealand Party 

In A Relieving Legal Battle Against A New Zealand Campaigning Party, World-Famous Rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers, Otherwise Known As Eminem, Won NZ$600,000 (£314,000) In October, After The Party Ran A Political Campaign Ad Featuring A Soundtrack Which Is Closely Similar To Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Which Got Him An Oscar.


DC Comics, Had Recently Been Receiving Extreme Condemn For The Superman Jesus Image, Whose Trademark Was Applied By Stacey Lane Holmsley In November 2016. The Application Came Under The Categories Of “Decals; Decorative Decals For Vehicle Windows; Magnetic Decals; Temporary Tattoo Transfers.”

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