Legal Updates as on 15.02.2023

  1. HC REFUSES TO SUSPEND THE SENTENCE OF A MAN WHO WAS ACCUSED OF TRYING TO TRAVEL TO SYRIA TO JOIN ISIS – Observing that it is unsafe to release the applicants on bail even though they have already served the majority of their sentence, the Kerala High Court rejected requests for the suspension of the sentences of three people who were convicted of trying to enter Syria with the intention of allegedly joining ISIS.
    Midlaj @ Abu Mis’ab v. Union of India represented by National Investigation Agency
  1. Cross firs are permitted where parties have different versions of the same incident, according to JKL High Court. – The Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court ruled that while there cannot be two FIRs filed in connection with the same incident, cross FIRs may be filed when parties have two distinct versions of the same incident.
    Abdul Rashid Vs UT of J&K
  1. Accused unable to choose venue of prosecution due to unfounded security apprehendings, according to JKL HC – In rejecting a social activist’s request for the relocation of a defamation lawsuit, the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court made the observation that an accused person cannot be permitted to be prosecuted in a location of his choosing by invoking spurious personal security concerns.
    Prof S K Bhalla Vs Haq Nawaz Nehru
  1. HC: A WOMAN WHO FACILITATES IN A RAPE WITH A GROUP OF PEOPLE MAY BE CHARGED WITH GANG-RAPE – In light of the modified provision of Section 376D of the IPC, the Allahabad High Court has ruled that although a woman cannot commit the crime of rape, she may be punished for gang rape. if she facilitated the act of rape with a group of people.
    Suneeta Pandey v State
  1. Apply for an Aggregator License from the Maharashtra Government, SC to Uber OVER 3 WEEKS – Uber must submit an application for a licence under Section 93(1) of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019, within three weeks if it wants to continue operating as an aggregator in the State of Maharashtra, per a Supreme Court order.
    Uber India Systems Private Ltd and Another versus Union of India and others |SLP(c) No.5705/2022

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Legal Updates