Legal Updates as on 04.04.2023

  1. 177 trees are still being cut down in Aarey Colony by BOM HC. – Due to the fact that the proposed action goes above the Supreme Court’s authority, which only allowed for the removal of 84 trees at Aarey Forest, the Bombay High Court has ordered Mumbai Metro Rail Company to stop cutting down 177 trees there.
    zoru darayus bathena vs tree authority , Mcgm
  1. SC: EVIDENCE OF AN INJURED WITNESS IS OF GREATER EVIDENTIARY VALUE – In repeating its guidelines for considering the oral testimony of injured eye witnesses during the trial stage, the Supreme Court noted that the testimony of injured witnesses has greater evidentiary significance and should not be carelessly discounted unless there are compelling circumstances.
    Balu Sudam Khalde And Another Versus The State Of Maharashtra
  1. SC: DEFENSE COUNSEL’S SUGGESTIONS TO WITNESS DURING CROSS EXAMINATION ARE PART OF EVIDENCE – The Supreme Court has ruled that the defence attorney’s advice to the witness and the witness’s response to those ideas will unquestionably be considered evidence and used by the court, along with other records of evidence, to decide the accused’s guilt.
    Balu Sudam Khalde And Another Versus The State Of Maharashtra
  1. SC: ENTIRE ANIMAL KINGDOM CANNOT BE DECLARED A LEGAL ENTITY – The Supreme Court noted that the petition cannot be granted by the Court in its extraordinary jurisdiction under Article 32 of the Constitution while rejecting a PIL that sought to declare every animal species to be legal entities with rights equivalent to those of a living person.
    People’s Charioteer Organisation v. Union of India
  1. SC EXPRESSES DISPLEASE THAT TRIAL COURTS HAVE NOT APPLIED ITS DECISION ON BAIL – Although expressing its anger with trial courts continually rejecting bail requests in defiance of its rulings, the Supreme Court also reprimanded the prosecutors for failing to highlight the proper intent of this Court’s directives.
    Satendra Kumar Antil v. CBI And Anr. MA 2034/2022
  1. NARAYAN RANE IS RELEASED BY THE ALIBAG COURT IN THE ‘SLAP’ REMARK CASE AGAINST UDDHAV THACKERAY – In releasing Union Minister Narayan Rane from the prosecution involving the “Slap” statement against Uddhav Thackeray, the Alibag Court ruled that Narayan Rane’s language was improper but did not constitute criminal intimidation or promote animosity between groups.
  1. STOP COAL INDIA LTD.’S Illegal Mining in the Forest Areas of the Digboi Division, GAU HC TO CENTRE & STATE – The Gauhati High Court has ordered the Central and State governments to prevent Coal India Ltd. from starting mining operations in the Saleki Proposed Reserve Forest until all fines and compensatory levies have been paid and the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change has given its approval.

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Legal Updates