Legal Update as on 02.03.2023

Legal Update
  1. COMMUNALLY CHARGED PROGRAMS – NBDSA CONFIRMS NEWS18 INDIA & ZEE NEWS GUILTY – News18India and Zee News were found guilty by the News Broadcasting & Digital Standards Authority (NBDSA) of airing programmes with a communal undertone, of focusing on a specific community and sharing statistics with bias, and of incorrectly reporting news relating to pro-Pakistan slogans, respectively.
  1. HP HC: AN ARBITRATOR WHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO ACT AS SUCH CANNOT APPOINT ANOTHER ARBITRATOR TO DECIDE THE DISPUTE – According to the Himachal Pradesh High Court, any appointment of another individual as an arbitrator by someone who is themselves ineligible to serve as an arbitrator is void from the start, and any proceedings held as a result will be null and void.
    Divisional Manager, H.P. State Forest Development Corporation Ltd Vs Prem Lal
  1. SC: ENSURE THE HIGHEST Z+ LEVEL OF SECURITY FOR AMBANI & FAMILY OVERALL IN INDIA AND ABROAD – The Supreme Court has ordered the Maharashtra Government and the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure that Mukesh Ambani and his family have the highest Z+ security cover while travelling within India and internationally. Ambanis’ will be responsible for covering the expense of this.
    Union of India v. Bikash Saha and Ors.
  1. SC: The only reason an appeals court cannot remand a case for a novo trial is that new evidence has not been introduced – According to the Supreme Court, the Appellate Court cannot take the easy route of remanding the case for a de novo trial simply because certain specific evidence that should have been introduced but wasn’t could not be introduced.
    Sirajudheen v. Zeenath And Ors.
  1. SC: S.24 CPC COMMON HC CAN INVOKE POWER FOR TRANSFER OF SUITS BETWEEN STATES – According to the Supreme Court, if a High Court is the common High Court for two or more States under Article 231 of the Constitution and both Civil Courts are subordinate to it, it may exercise the power under Section 24 of the CPC even for the inter-State transfer of a lawsuit.
    Shah Newaz Khan vs State of Nagaland
  1. HC: A PERSON OF ANOTHER CATEGORY CANNOT FILE A HORIZONTAL QUOTA FOR A SPECIFIC SOCIAL CATEGORY. – According to the Orissa High Court, the idea of mobility as it applies to social (vertical) reserves does not apply to special (horizontal) reservations, meaning that special reservations for groups like women and others must be restricted to their particular social categories.
    Prangya Paramita Harichandan v. Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology & Ors.
  1. SC: MERE COMMISSION OF SUICIDE IS NOT ENOUGH TO RAISE PRESUMPTION UNDER SECTION 113A OF THE EVIDENCE ACT – According to the Supreme Court, the simple fact that a suicide was committed would not be enough for the court to invoke Section 113A of the Evidence Act and find the accused guilty of Section 306 IPC.
    Kashibai vs State of Karnataka

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