Legal Update as on 02.02.2023

  1. KERALA HC: INSURER RESPONSIBLE TO THIRD PARTY EVEN IF DRIVER WAS UNDER THE INFLUENCE – According to the Kerala High Court, although an intoxicated driver’s cognition and senses will undoubtedly be affected, making him incapable of operating a vehicle, obligation under the Policy is statutory in nature, hence the Company is not exempt from paying damages to the victim.
    Muhammed Rashid @ Rashid v. Girivasan E.K. & Ors.
  1. DEL HC: JHUGGI residents cannot be denied rehabilitation services due to the absence of a name on the electoral roll. – While noting that residents of Jhuggi Jhopri cannot be denied rehabilitation under State policy simply because their name does not appear on the electoral roll, the Delhi High Court has ruled that parties may submit further documentation to be considered eligible for the programme.
  1. ELECTORAL BONDS CASE: SC BIFURCATES PETITIONS IN THREE SETS, TO HEAR EACH SETS – The Supreme Court has divided the group of petitions pertaining to the electoral bonds programme into three independent sets and has chosen to hear each set of petitions separately.
    Association for democratic reforms Vs Union of india.
  1. SC TO COURTS/TRIBUNALS: PARTIES WITH REGISTRY IN BANK MUST MANDATORILY DEPOSIT AMOUNTS AS DEPOSITION – The Supreme Court has ordered all Courts and Tribunals to establish rules mandating that funds placed with a court’s office, registry, or tribunal be deposited in a bank or other financial institution in order to prevent future losses.
    KL Suneja and others vs Dr(Mrs) Manjeet Kaur Monga (Died)
  1. SC: Lack of funds to pay court fees is insufficient justification for allowing a delay in filing an appeal. – The Supreme Court ruled that not having enough money to pay court fees was not a justification for tolerating a delay in filing an appeal and noted that an appeal may be submitted in accordance with Section 149 CPC, after which the errors might be fixed by paying deficit court fees.
    Ajay Dabra vs Pyare Ram

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